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The 5 Soul Wounds

Each of us, since childhood, is inevitably a victim of emotional/energetic traumas that give rise to the 5 wounds of the Soul: Rejection, Abandonment, Betrayal, Injustice and Humiliation. A wound can be activated in the child, following a reprimand or a correction; sometimes a look or a dirty look is enough, not necessarily something sensational, but this generates an energy that the child is not able to understand and manage. At that moment the little one feels hurt for no reason, because he has not yet developed his logical and cognitive processes, and is therefore not able to decode the information he receives, thus ending up feeling unloved. Not having the tools to manage this trauma, the child represses the energy within himself. This generates the wound in him.

According to the laws of physics, energy is created, transformed, but not destroyed, therefore, over the years, it will grow repressed within the individual, becoming part of him and his energy field. That is, the Aura of this individual will emanate the energy of his own repressed wound. He will emanate the thought form of being inadequate, of not being worthy of anyone's love. This will only attract as many situations and dynamics to him, in which he will end up feeling hurt again and again, confirming his inadequacy and conditioning his life on an emotional, but also relational level, in all areas of life.

This course aims to recognise, understand and resolve the 5 Wounds of the Soul that affect our lives and prevent us from fulfilling ourselves and living peacefully. We will work on the limiting beliefs that arise from our traumas, on our Ego and on becoming aware of our "Higher Self".


It is a very serious and introspective journey, which should not be taken lightly, aimed at digging deeply into one's own wounds and traumas, to bring to light the things that are most hidden in our subconscious, with the help, the guidance and support of our Angels and Spirit Guides.

The Personal Growth Course is made up of 10 lessons (5 2-hour lessons on a fortnightly basis and 5 one-hour lessons on a weekly basis), at €65 per hour, instead of €75 per hour, for a total discounted of €975, instead of €1125. Payment can be divided into 3 convenient installments of €325 each. The first installment must be paid in advance, before setting the start date of the course; the second installment must be paid after the 3rd lesson and before the 4th; the third installment must be paid after the 6th lesson and before the 7th.

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