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What our clients say about us...

"Over 1 year ago I started to have very real recurring nightmares that generated flashbacks or recurring negative thoughts. This exhausted me for more than a year and I was exhausted because I was almost afraid to fall asleep and I was energetically down because of poor rest or because of constant thinking that distracted me from my work and affections. I tried everything from energy therapies to acupuncture to psychotherapy. I was better, but then, after a week maximum, it would start all over again maybe with less intensity, but with the same inner fatigue.

Alessandro Zucconi with only two sessions in which he guided me through a kind of regressive meditation, made me find two crucial nodes of my childhood that I had to let go of in order to get rid of these dreams and thoughts. It was two sessions over two hours long and quite intense but the sense of liberation and mental rest and the quality of sleep changed dramatically. It feels like a dream to be back to having a clear mind and peaceful nights. A huge thank you Alessandro".


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