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Automatic writing or "psychography" is the conscious practice of writing sentences, texts, thoughts and/or messages that do not derive from the awareness of the writer, but from his channeling of Spirits and/or Entities.


For those who want receive and store a message from the afterlife from an Angel, from an Archangel, from his Spirit Guide or from a loved one, I will channel the message with automatic writing. The session takes place remotely without the intervention of the applicant. I will channel the Spirit you wish to contact and I will receive its answers by writing them on a piece of paper. The applicant will receive the message written on the computer, so that he can read it clearly and, attached, also a scan of the original sheet with automatic writing, written in my hand, showing the message in question. This service is remote and does not require the presence of the consultant. The cost is €75.

You can decide whether to ask the Spirit questions in advance or simply ask for his advice or message regarding a situation you are experiencing, to have clarity in making a decision.  Be aware, when asking your questions, that no Spirit will ever be able to tell you what to do. They can advise us, give us food for thought, but never tell us what to do, because we always have free will that must be respected. The lessons we must learn in life are our responsibility and no Being of Light can take on the responsibility of doing the work for us. Be careful of any Entity that tells you otherwise, because it is evidently not a Being of Light.


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