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Spirit Release

To get rid of "unwanted guests, to purify a home or place infested with negative energies, to make a trapped Spirit pass through, to get rid of an Attachment, to break a curse, ligament and/or curse.

As anachronistic as it sounds, even today there are still those who like to dabble in unorthodox practices designed to harm others. It seems unbelievable, but almost every day I have to undo cases of spells, black magic, evil eye, negative energies in general. Very often, from the instigator of these practices, Entities are energetically bound, aimed at tormenting and harming the victim. These Entities are not always negative per se, but are forced, through deception, to do evil in order to be free. In these cases I intervene by practicing "Spirit Release," which consists of removing the negativity caused to the victim, causing the Entity to pass into the Light, restoring Peace.



There is no specific term in Italian, since it is a practice that almost no one is able to perform and the Church, for various reasons, does not view it favorably. Perhaps the Italian term with which it is most juxtaposed is "exorcism," but actually that is not at all correct either as a definition or as a meaning. Spirit Release is not an exorcism, but a real practice to help trapped Souls enter the Light, to reach the Afterlife. Anything that is suitable for a Spirit or Entity to pass through is considered Spirit Release. For example: a trapped Soul who is unable to pass through as a result of a sudden or violent death; a Soul who does not realize or accept that she is dead; a Soul who does not feel ready to enter the Light, because she wants to remain attached to loved ones... as well as, in more extreme cases, even an Attachment, i.e., an Entity that, in order to subsist in our Dimension, needs to feed on the energy of the living, causing them to become indolent or, again, as in the cases of dwellings infested with Poltergeists or any energetic presence. All this can be safely referred to as Spirit Release.

Such an intervention is done remotely, does not require the presence of the cilent and can be done in absolute discretion, as neither photos nor data of the victim are needed, except for a simple first name, just to establish an energy connection. The cost is €75.I would like to specify that I operate only for the Light, so I am only concerned with dissolving negativity, not causing it, so requests aimed at harming or coercing anyone's free will are not accepted.

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