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Divination is the Art of foretelling future events. Who among us has never been tempted to take a peek at what life holds in store for him or her, so that we can change it for the better and figure out how to solve our problems? With this practice, we can ask the Angels to enlighten us and advise us the best way to make the wisest choices for our path.

During a Divination consultation, I make use of all the available psychic tools that can give me the most precise answers to the consultant's questions: so Oracles, Tarot, Divining Cards, Pendulum, but also, of course, the unfailing advice of my Guides.

Each consultation is individual and lasts up to one hour, during which you can ask as many questions as you want. It takes place via video call and comes €75 per person.


 It should be made very clear that, Divination falls under the inescapable Universal Laws that are based on free will, according to which we are the true makers of our destiny and, as such, we have the power to change it at any time as we please. Nothing is set in stone. There is no future written step by step, by wire, but energies move and we are the ones who attract or repel them, every day, every moment, without even realizing it.  


So Divination allows us to see a possibility of the future, depending on how those specific energies are set at the exact moment of the consultation. Therefore, the Guiding Spirits themselves advise us to take this Art as a direction, as a suggestion, with the right leggerenity, without becoming obsessively conditioned.

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