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Partners Relationship

An increasingly high percentage of couple relationships, nowadays, come to an end because the partners, caught up in the frenzy and problems of everyday life, stop listening to each other and communicating.

More often than not, you don't really know what you want and end up putting yourself  with someone only out of fear of being alone or because it is considered a natural stage in life. 

The problem is that too often we don't realize that we end up energetically attracting  the partner who has the same wounds as us and, although at the beginning, we seem to have many things in common, little by little, once the first phase of falling in love is over, we end up becoming intolerant and making war on each other .

Our Couple Relationship path aims to put the partners in front of each other to understand, first of all, what they individually want from themselves and from their own lives and, subsequently, how they can possibly integrate and make their own compatible needs with those of the other.  The path is therefore made up of both individual sessions, in which only one partner will participate at a time, and as a couple, in which both partners will be able to discuss each other.

This is not a psychological journey, but a journey based on the search for love for oneself first and foremost, without which there could be no love for others.  With the help of the Spirit Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters, we will not set ourselves the goal of necessarily getting back together, but of understanding if the relationship is worth saving or if there are new possible paths still to be explored.


The course consists of a minimum of 10 sessions (of which 6 couple sessions of one hour plus 2 individual sessions of 2 each) on a weekly basis, at €75 per hour, instead of €85, for a total price discounted by €750, instead of €850. At the end, the couple will freely decide which direction to take or whether, given the goals achieved, to continue with further additional sessions outside the package. 

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