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Life Purpose

The "Life Purpose Path" is aimed at all those who feel they are living a limited existence, who have the sensation of being "wasting" their life and watch it slip through their hands.  Those who feel that "there must be more" and want to fully find out what it is. 

Each of us incarnates in the earthly dimension with a very specific purpose, which is to evolve, grow on a human, personal, spiritual and energetic level. We predestinate ourselves with lessons to learn, a mission to accomplish, but once incarnated we no longer have any memory of it and we are often overwhelmed by the frenzy of everyday life that we lose the true sense of what we came to do. 

This Path leads us back to the origin of everything, it makes us rediscover the Purpose we have set for ourselves in this life, through which our fulfillment and our happiness passes. Only once we are reconnected with our Life Purpose, can we truly experience and realize the full fulfillment of our Soul.

This Path consists of 10 lessons, on a weekly basis, lasting a maximum of one hour each, at €65 per hour, instead of €75 per hour, for a total discounted price of €650, instead of €750. Payment can be divided into 2 convenient installments of €325 each. The first installment must be paid in advance, before setting the start date and the second must be paid after the 5th lesson and before the 6th.

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