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Communicating with the afterlife is not this great forbidden, dangerous, impossible and mysterious thing that they want us to believe. The Soul, obviously, as we all know, is not earthly, it is not formed in the womb together with the physical body; rather, it comes from another dimension: from the afterlife. Being connected with the Afterlife, it is connected with the world of Spirits and, therefore, is in contact with them. Therefore, the moment the Soul enters our Dimension and incarnates in a physical body, it remains connected to its place of origin, with everything that follows from it.


This explains why children are connected with Spirits and are able to see them, perceive them, hear them and communicate with them. It's very normal, it's physiological, it happens to everyone, there's nothing to be afraid of, there's nothing strange. The only problem is that, as we grow up, we become more and more caught up in the world and we tend to forget and slowly close the connection with our perceptive channel and we are no longer able to communicate with subtle energies. The Medium is the one who has managed, consciously or unconsciously, to keep that channel open and active and can continue to communicate for others as well. 

A Channelling sessionis based on communicating with Beings of Light: Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides or even with our departed loved ones and receiving a message, advice and/or a word of encouragement from them. 

The Channelling consultation takes place via individual video call at the price of €75 and has a maximum duration of one hour, during which the consultant can ask the Spirit any type of question. 


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