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Success and Abundance

Everyone would like a life of abundance, achieving professional fulfillment: money, wealth, career, success... but only a few succeed. Success is not a material good; it is within everyone's reach: it doesn't show preferences, it doesn't choose who to go to in a rational way and it doesn't reward any merit.


What stops you from being successful is your thought form; it is the concept that to earn money you have to work day and night, morning and evening, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, earning staggering amounts of money. What conditions us, from an early age, is the "Conditioning of the Tribe". The tribe is the environment in which we grow up: the family, the group, the community, the society. It is connected to the Root Chakra as it represents, in fact, our roots, our origins, where we come from. The tribe has ideologies, values, traditions and behaviors that are passed down, consciously and unconsciously, to their children. Ways of thinking, reasoning, conceptions are something that children absorb by osmosis.


A family that has always struggled to earn, to save, to make ends meet, to pay off debts, has developed a thought process based on a sense of poverty, according to which money is difficult to earn. Children growing up with this form of thought, absorb its energy into their energy field and project it into their reality, always attracting complicated and hostile work situations, struggling to earn and consequently to have a medium-high standard of living.

This Path helps to change the thought pattern that we have created unconsciously and which leads us to the limiting belief that we cannot succeed. You will learn to give less importance to wealth and more importance to yourself, to feel worthy and worthy of attracting success, money, wealth and above all abundance into your life. By abundance we mean wealth applied to all fields: on an emotional, economic, social, work, health and well-being level. Allow yourself to receive without judging yourself and forgive yourself for not allowing it until now. Working on our limiting beliefs is a wonderful process that leads to concrete results and wonderful changes.


The "Success and Abundance" path consists of 10 weekly one-hour lessons, at €65 each, instead of €75 each, for a total discounted price of €650, instead of €750. Payment can be divided into 2 convenient installments of €325 each. The first installment must be paid in advance, before setting the start date and the second must be paid after the 5th lesson and before the 6th.


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