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Ancestral Karma

The term "Karma" derives from a Sanskrit word which means "action" and represents the law of cause and effect that regulates all our actions: every action we perform has its own consequence. The karmic law is essential, but at the same time, very simple and can be summed up with: "The good or bad we do comes back to us threefold"... but not only in this life, but in all incarnations!


Therefore it is very probable, not to say certain, that many complicated or tragic issues in this life are the result of negative karma that we have generated with wrong actions in previous lives.
Karma is a very clear way of telling us that both the good and the bad that happen to us derive only from us and our actions; we are solely responsible. 

At the same time, the more time we take to understand and correct our actions and heal our negative karma, the more this will recur in our life, with a pattern (called "pattern") that will repeat itself endlessly, until we have learned the lesson that we should learn.


Specifically, when a family karmic knot is created, the negative energy produced, never being healed, continues to persist and be passed down to future generations of the same family unit, ending up growing from time to time, feeding on the negativity that is accumulated through the various members of the family itself, who are influenced by it. Usually it is always found retrospectively, when we realize that in the generations of the same family unit, the same pattern is always repeated. Some examples of patterns could be all the women in the dynasty who do not marry, or divorce or become widows; or male children who die young; family members who all fall ill with the same illness; family members who are unable to fulfill themselves at work, high number of spontaneous abortions and so on. Family Karma can be healed, so as to stop the negative influence it generates on the family.

This consultation takes place via video call with the consultant and costs €75.

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