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Grieving Process

Losing a loved one is a suffering we all know. And very often it is a real, very heavy ordeal, in which it seems like you are going crazy and can't find a way out. Pain, suffering, desperation pull us down into the abyss and no longer allow us to rise back to the surface. However, with the help of Ancestral Guides, it is possible to find inner peace when we learn to accept and let go. 


We often believe we have resigned ourselves to the disappearance, but in reality we do nothing but hold on to the Soul of our loved one. Convinced that we have found our channel of resignation, a valid way to get around the pain, in reality, we do nothing other than increasingly tighten a bond of dependence with that Soul, rather than process its mourning. This is a risk that we often run in these circumstances and it is harmful both for us and for the Soul which is unable to pass into the Light, as it feels perpetually held back in our Dimension. The Soul feels great pain, feels great pain in having to leave its loved one in total desperation, so it does not feel free to walk away, prey to feelings of guilt. This, although completely natural on the one hand, becomes completely harmful for those involved on the other, and establishes a harmful dependence between the living and the dead, as the Soul, held on Earth, will be forced to involuntarily feed on the energy of the living being that holds it, thus becoming its Attachment. So every Soul must be let go into the Light and it is up to us who remain to possibly undertake a mourning process that helps us understand, accept and, finally, let go.


It's not about forgetting our loved one, but simply about taking care of ourselves, loving ourselves, truly loving ourselves and taking the time to heal. Once the hardest period has passed, little by little you will be able to start approaching the memory of that person in a healthy way again, without despairing anymore. Then you will be ready to welcome it into your dreams; it will no longer cause us pain to see his photo in the portrait holder in the room, but the presence of that gaze that watches over us will be a consolation... and who knows, from time to time, he might even come to visit us, gently touching our shoulder or hair on any given afternoon, when we least expect it.

The Grief Processing Path is made up of 10 lessonsof an hour,on a weekly basis, at €65 each, instead of €75 each, for a total discounted price of €650, instead of €750. Payment can be divided into 2 convenient installments of €325 each. The first installment must be paid in advance, before setting the start date and the second must be paid after the 5th lesson and before the 6th.

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