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Guided Meditation

Meditation is an ancient and widespread practice in many religions and cultures, carried out to calm the mind from constant thoughts that do not allow us to be alert in the "here and now", i.e. in the present moment. In fact, we are often in the throes of anxiety (because we are projected to worry about the future) or in the throes of depression (because we are anchored in the past). With meditation we regain control of our life and focus on the present, as it helps and facilitates us in various aspects:

  • It allows us to root and center ourselves.

  • It allows us to be alert and focused.

  • Stimulates confidence with mind and body.

  • It helps social interaction with other people.

  • It encourages "letting go" of what blocks us.

  • It allows us to evolve.

  • Reduces stress and anxiety.

  • It promotes patience, positivity and relaxation.

  • Promotes and induces sleep.

  • Stimulates listening.


There are many different types of meditation; what we propose is a meditation that makes you

get in touch with the world of the Spirit:​


  • To learn to get in touch with your Spirit Guide and be able to have continuous help and support in your concrete everyday life.

  • To receive a message or ask a loved one for advice from the afterlife.

  • To learn to protect yourself from negativity.

  • To find the answers you are looking for.

If you have any particular need, a question or a specific goal to achieve, please contact us and we will be happy to organize a meditation specifically for your purpose.

This consultation is individual, takes place via video call with the consultant and costs €75.

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