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Work Achievements

We have a job that stresses us out, we use all our time to earn little money and we somatize everything until we get sick, we don't feel fulfilled and we feel like we're throwing our life away, but we can't change things out of fear of remaining unemployed . And maybe we are also exploited, treated badly or even victims of mobbing! However, if we followed our desires, if we lived according to what would make us happy, we would risk losing everything: we would go bankrupt, our family would suffer... it would cost us too much, we would never be able to do it, we would have too much to give up. And, last but not least, we would feel selfish for having only thought about our own happiness.


Instead we don't realize that it is precisely by remaining stuck like this, in the grip of panic and suffering, that we continue to suffer throughout our lives and, consequently, make those around us suffer. These are limiting beliefs based on fear. Fears block us because we lack the courage to take that step towards healing. Taking an action of courage means interrupting and definitively changing your thought patterns. Once you have changed you will finally be ready to put the past to rest and set new goals.

This Path is a long and personal process, the patient is accompanied step by step along the entire journey of discovery of his fears, acceptance, change and healing, to be led to realize his realization in this incarnation. The path is divided into: a minimum of 10 sessions, on a weekly basis, lasting a maximum of one hour, at €65 per hour, instead of €75, for a total discounted price of €650, instead of €750.

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