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Since I was a child I have always seen and felt things that most other people didn't notice...

As I grew up, I saw how these "manifestations" happened more and more frequently and with greater precision, until they became a sort of constant awareness that guided me and still guides me in everyday life.

I got to know my Spirit Guide and over time I began to help others with my gift.

From there the great decision to become a professional came naturally, so I began to delve deeper, study the topic and develop my skills by attending the "College of Psychic Studies" and the "School of Intuition and Healing" in London, studying with professionals such as Sarah Tyler-Walters, Kanina Wolff, Sue Allen, Donna Stewart and Anthea Durand.

Today I am a Psychic Medium and I also work as a Spiritual Healer to help, not only those who want to connect with the world of Spirits, but EVERYONE who wants to awaken their awareness.

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In this section you can find all the news and events we organize, advertised in advance. Follow us to always be updated!

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I finally have the great pleasure of announcing to you that, in Spring, it will be released in the best specialized bookstores throughout Italy (and obviously also in the best online bookstores), published by the Publishing House "Psyche 2", my first book

"Whisper of the Spirits" 

"Practical mediumistic guide for beginners and experts.  
The afterlife of the deceased, of the Angels, of the Archangels and of the Spirit Guides, experienced and told through the eyes of a Medium".

Stay tuned for the release date!


We have added new, wonderful Growth Paths to the section"Services" including the Couple Relationship Path, Grief Processing, money and abundance.

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Exclusive agenda diary for group members: an agenda book with 260 color pages, full of explanations, curiosities, advice, remedies and protections. Hardcover, only 9 copies left!  Buy here!


On the Facebook group, every Tuesday  Live broadcasts are back: a different one every week.

Join the group and follow the Page for all appointments. 

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